Charl le Roux, owner of True Reflection Taxidermy has been involved in the industry since 2006. His experience, as well as enthusiasm and dedication has ensured that True Reflection Taxidermy provides products and services of the highest quality.

Services offered include:

  • Full Body Mounts
  • Half Mounts
  • Floor Pedestals
  • Wall Pedestals
  • Shoulder Mounts
  • European Mounts
  • Rug mounts
  • Dip and Packaging

True Reflection Taxidermy collects hunting trophies from anywhere in Southern Africa and ships hunting trophies throughout the world.

True Reflection Taxidermy is a registered, veterinary approved taxidermy as well as a member of PHASA.

As we serve hunters from all over the world, it is very important that we partner with a company that specialises in hunting trophy transport. General cargo carriers are not up to date on all the permit requirements and regulations specific to hunting trophies. We make use of the services of Rex Freight for shipping your valuable trophies to your doorstep.

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