True Reflection Taxidermy has served hunters from all over the globe for many years now. With years of experience, we are proud to offer you some of the best taxidermy services available anywhere in the world. Our state of art technology and superb craftsmanship ensure you of museum quality trophies. At True Reflection, we do not use commercial forms or mannikins , but only those of our own exclusive design and creation. All work, inclusive of tanning, is done on site.

We are very proud to be a fully state veterinarian approved and quarantine facility, complying with the strictest standards set by our authorities. From taxidermy services on your trophies to packing, arranging documentation and shipping your prized trophies to any destination in the world, we guarantee complete peace of mind. We always say that your trophies will always look like a true reflection of the real animal.

Charl le Roux, owner of True Reflection Taxidermy has been involved in the industry since 2006. His experience, as well as enthusiasm and dedication has ensured that True Reflection Taxidermy provides products and services of the highest quality.

Our Work

Full Mounts

Shoulder Mounts

European Mounts

Floor Pedestals

Africa / Combo

Wall Pedestal

Combo Mounts

Services offered include:

  • Full Body Mounts
  • Half Mounts
  • Floor Pedestals
  • Wall Pedestals
  • Shoulder Mounts
  • European Mounts
  • Rug mounts
  • Dip and Packaging

True Reflection Taxidermy collects hunting trophies from anywhere in Southern Africa and ships hunting trophies throughout the world. We are a registered, veterinary approved taxidermy as well as a member of PHASA.

As we serve hunters from all over the world, it is very important that we partner with a company that specialises in hunting trophy transport. General cargo carriers are not up to date on all the permit requirements and regulations specific to hunting trophies. We make use of the services of African Trophy Exports for shipping your valuable trophies to your doorstep.